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Q & A for contributing photojournalists:

Q: What news-photos sell?

Breaking News in the city where you live (of course, it must be tied with regional or international impact, for example, the collapse of the 8-story building in Dhaka killing over 1,000 people)

Developing News: If you have missed a breaking news in the city where you live when it broke, you can pick up the news as it develops. A major breaking news always continue to unfold for few days or longer, so you have time to catch up and send in good follow up photos.

Photo That Tells A Story: If you capture a photo that tells a story, the editors of news desks somewhere in the world may want to use it on their online news or papers of next day.

Newsmakers: Keep an eye on important or very important people in your city. They are political leaders, influential activists, celebrities, businessmen, tycoon,etc. Even they may not be in the news, it is worthy of getting some stand-alone head shots or gestures shots of them when you have the photo opportunities. Sometime a newsmaker will drop in your town or city for public trips, for example, when facebook's Mark Zuckerberg appears in your city for a forum, good to try to get access to it. If you need press accreditation, EyePressTEAM press@eyepressteam.com will help.

Colorful Daily Life: It may not be news-worthy but it is colorful in visual. Photo Editors of the world's editorial market always look for color daily life shots in any cities, for example farmer harvests at sunset in Vietnam or a festive event in Bangkok.Even these photos are not major news at international level, they are good for editors to balance the hard news on their news outlets.

Business News: As we live in a global village now, so even you are not living in London, New York, Shanghai..., you can also capture good business news photos. For example, when you spot a giant billboard advertising the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Karachi, Pakistan, you can shoot a photo of locals walk or tricycle past the billboard. It will be a good business / tech photo for editors working for business news. So keep an eye on those big business brands when you surf streets in your city.

Election: Be alerted if there is a national election for national leaders or lawmaking bodies in your country. Even you are not living in the capital cities, you can shoot election campaigns in your town or city. Keep election photos as general as possible, no need to be very specific on certain politicians (except they are internationally or regionally famous/important, like Thailand's Thaksin Shinawatra and his younger sister Yingluck or Malaysia's Anwar and his daughter). For election photos, as we are not working for local press, we should get generic shots which could be understood across borders.

Q: When should I send the news?

Digital News Gathering: As photojournalists are now all geared with digital cameras and WIFI / 3G/ 4G powered laptops, you should be able to send news as soon as when internet access is available.

The reason why we need to get your news at almost real-time, is because our worldwide editorial clients need to push newsphotos not only for their next-day papers or next-week magazines, but more imminently, for their online and mobile editions.

The days of having luxury of sending photos the next day has gone forever. The soonest we push your photos out, the bigger chance your photos get used and get paid as well.

Q: Why some photos I have filed are not published on EyePress WIRE?

Competitive Market: For certain news events or scenes, photos you have filed always compete with photos offered by other news agencies in catching the eyes of media editors. We have to move best photos you have filed in order to increase the chance your photos get used by media outlets.

Time Sensitive: Photo editors working for media outlets are working on a very tight deadline which is counted by hour if not minutes. We have to move the best selections of your photos to save the time a photo editor spend on browsing our photos. That is for the benefit of all our photojournalists as our clients know that they do not need to go through pages after pages of images to find the right image they want. When the clients love our platform, we have already won the first battle against our competitors.

We encourage you to send as many as good photos you like, and let our editors to make the selection for you. Your most important job is to shoot and send, let us do the rest.

Q: What should I write in photo caption?

First Sentence:

WHO does What in Where on When.

Example: Around 20,000 Red Shirt protesters rally in Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday May 22, 2013.

Second Sentence:

Explain Why and How as additional background information.

Example: The rally is to mark the third anniversary of a bloody crackdown on anti-government protests which exposed Thailand's deep divisions.

If you do not have time to write complete caption, our editors will do for you when we have received your photos. But please at least include the following in the caption.

1. Who (if individual is involved, please tell us his/her name and title).

2. Where (name of location, ie a market, a school, a military base, name of a village, town or city)

3. When (the date of shooting)

Since EyePress WIRE is a press-photo agency, we are not able to move your photos to the wires if we do not have the basic WHO, WHERE and WHEN of the photos.

Q: Can I send photos via mobile or ftp?

Not available yet. We are developing more fast-moving upload application and will soon be available.

Thanks for your patience!

Press Pass / Accreditation

Q: What is EyePress policy?

EyePress offers official yearly press pass and press accreditation for specific events and correspondents' accreditation required by your country's information ministry.

Q: What is the qualification for applying?

A contributing photojournalist must have published 20 stories on the EyePress WIRE within three months.

Q: Do I need to pay for press pass and accreditation?

No, it is free, including shipment. The free policy may change in the future, but for now, it is still a free service.

Q: How to apply?


What kind of photojournalists EyePress look for?


EyePress is a professional press-photos platform for freelance photojournalists based across Asia's cities. We welcome all fellow photojournalists in Asia to join force and make EyePress their home agency.

As Asia becomes increasingly important in economic and political agenda across the world's media, editorial demand for Asia's news images will continue to stay high for at least another decade. That is why EyePress strives for forming the best team of Asia's photojournalists.

If you are serious about reporting news stories that truly matter, we want you.

Are you there?

If you are in any cities of the following countries, EyePress want you to join us to make our team more diversified and complete:

Australia, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, East Timor, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Laos, N/S Korea, Philippines, Syria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam

Sales Partnership

AFP Imageforum:

EyePress WIRE has a sales partnership with AFP. Our editors will syndicate the best pictures we get from you (not all of them) to AFP's online newsphotos sales platform Imageforum at almost real-time.

That means when you see your photos published on EyePress WIRE, some of the best of the set may also be available on AFP's imageforum. Be reminded that the photos are only available on imageforum, not available on AFP's wire terminals.

Photos sales via AFP's worldwide sales network is sent to EyePress sales team quarterly. We will also make the 50% share of payment to you quarterly for sales via AFP.

Imageforum is mainly targeted at the editorial market in Europe and Asia.


Newscom is EyePress sales partner in North America. Our photo editors will syndicate the best of your pictures to Newscom's online sales platform after publishing your photos on EyePress WIRE.

However, since Newscom groups so many content partners, including Reuters and other giant agencies, so the competition is very tough there. But we believe that given your photos are bright and unique, not only the visual but also the story told by the photos, the photos will get sold via Newscom.

Newscom shares the sales reports to us monthly, so we will share it with you if your photos are involved in the sales of that month.



Our editors select photos from EyePress WIRE to syndicate to Yahoo!News (Hong Kong Edition) to promote our newswire service.

So if you see photos downloaded by EyePress in your download report, it means that the photos are wired to that Yahoo page for promotional purpose and no payment will be involved.

Our editors will resize your photos to as small as only 50K for this page so to prevent from illegal use.

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